About The Site

Welcome to (pronounced Fork-Yeah), an independent, unscripted multimedia review site. Here is a brief history down the road of creation. Over the years The Old Skooler and Xevabis tried a few different creative outlets in the form of a website, but it wasn’t until September of 2012 that this became a reality. After a few failed attempts in 2011 with ideas like a Web Comic, and an Unreal Mod site, The Old Skooler decided to utilize his collection to create a simple review site for games and movies. Knowing that 2 people would not be enough input, the duo decided to bring on a couple of friends from college. Thus, Robert Xombie and The Great Moof were brought on to the project.

For months the 4 friends met at a small coffee house in Salt Lake, flushing out ideas and creating logos and names. It was suggested by The Old Skooler’s wife, Andrea, that the website includes the number 4 to signify the four content creators. In time, the name 4kyeah was born. The Old Skooler started funding the operation while Robert Xombie began programing and debugging the site. Xevabis began investigating equipment, and after hardware was purchased, The Great Moof put the systems together. After everything came together it was off to the collection, and the first video was filmed and captured.

In the time since then, 4kyeah has become a way for the team to just get together and have fun with movies, games and other types of media. It has given us a chance to let our opinions be heard from different perspectives, and broaden our horizons more. Board games and RPG’s have been added to the mix of reviews in an attempt to diversify the site, and we’ll be adding novels and comics in time. We hope you enjoy this site as much as we enjoy creating