(Brent Haworth)


I've been playing video games since I could hold a controller in my hands. I love all sorts of games but my favorite genre has to be RPG. My knowledge of RPGs was one of the reason I was brought onto the site. My top 5 games, in order, are; Metal Gear Solid, Persona 3, Super Mario Bros. 3, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. My handle comes from the fact that in Kingdom Hearts 2, when the nobodies become nobodies, the name they take is always their original name mixed up with an x somewhere. So I combined that with one of my favorite TV characters, Beavis.

Table Top Games:

I've played many of the classic board games, my favorites being Clue and Settlers of Catan. I got into the Pokémon TCG while in Jr. High School, Yu-Gi-Oh in High School, and Magic in college. With a little bit of .hack in between, although I think I may have been one of 10 people to play that. I got into D&D in high school and then later was introduced to other tabletop RPGs, like Exalted and Dragon Age. I would like to play a campaign of Vampire, because I love the game based on it.


I'm not a huge movie buff. I've seen a lot of somewhat recent movies, but I believe there are movies that I need to see. My favorite genres are comedies and action, but if a drama is interesting enough I can get into it. My favorite movies are: Jurassic Park, Spaceballs, Inglorious Basterds, Hot Fuzz, and Die Hard.


I like most genres of music. The only two I'm not huge fans of are Country and Rap/Hip Hop, but I can find bands and artists from those genres I will listen to. I am also really into all kinds of video game music. My favorite bands are: Dream Theater, Rush, Metallica, Pink Floyd, and Daft Punk.


I'm not a huge comic guy. I would be lying if I said I never read any comics, but I don't read many of them. The only graphic novels I have read are Watchmen and Kick Ass. I would like to get into comics more, but I doubt I'll ever be an expert on them.


I love to read. I am also a pretty fast reader, getting through huge books fairly quickly. I like books based on video games, but most of my time is reading other books. My favorite authors are Neal Stephenson, Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, amongst others. My favorite book is Anathem by Neal Stephenson, but I love all of his books so yeah.


I grew up on cartoons. My first cartoon love was the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I also grew up loving Animaniacs, Tiny Toons Adventures, Magic School Bus, Batman and X-Men. Nowadays I prefer the adult cartoons ala South Park, Beavis and Butthead and Futurama.


I'm not a huge anime fan, but I do watch some of it. I can watch Dragon Ball Z in bits and pieces and still like it. Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! are dumb, but I can watch them if I'm bored enough. My favorite are Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Trigun, Appleseed, and Persona 4 The Animation.


I am a huge TV watcher. Whenever I'm reading or doing work, I like to have some kind of noise whilst doing those things. Seinfeld is my favorite sitcom while I used to watch CSI all the time. Most of my TV watching now is used to watch sports on ESPN or watching cooking shows on Food Network. I'm really weird.