Robert Xombie

(Robert Bagwell)

My Nickname:

A lot of you may be asking why Robert Xombie? Yes I know the name is over done and every Robert that is a fan of Rob Zombie uses it. But how many of you had that name read out in a graduation? While in collage one day one of my classmates started calling me Robert Zombie, soon not only was it the students but the teachers and yes even the head dean called me by this. At graduation instead of calling my real name (Robert Bagwell) they call Robert Zombie. The spelling evolved From Robert Zombie to Robert Xombie because of Xbox Live when the Robert Zombie was already taken at least 100 times over I was like screw it I’ll change the Z to a X. So that’s it that’s, why Robert Xombie.


When it comes to gaming I’m like Old Skooler. I’m only a couple years younger than him, so I shear a lot of the same type of memories of the good old days of gaming. My first system was the Atari 2600 I know first hand why E.T. was such a horrific game, (repressed memories here I come). Despite that I always loved playing video games. As I grew up so did the world of video games, but I still love to play the classics. My hands down favorite Video Game is Chrono Trigger for the SNES, this in my mind is as close to a perfect game you can get. The story and sub-stories for the different characters are excellent and for it’s time they did a good job making the game seem like an open world environment. All in all gaming has and will always be a big part of my life

Table Top Games:

I’m not a big fan of Table Top game like D&D; this is mainly because of assholes in Jr. High that played it, so for the longest time I associated that with them. I however enjoy the more traditional board games like Clue and Monopoly. But my favorite Table Top games are Card Games. My grandpas was an avid card player and taught me how to play cards game ever since I could hold cards. I’ve never lost a game of BS, and am a shark at games like Phase 10 and Uno.


Ahh my first true love, I grew up watching movies. My patents are just as big movie junkies as I am, where do you think I get it from? I’ll watch almost anything, which I sometimes regret but also find some of my most precious gems. I love the classic horror movies more than the 80’s slashers that I grew up with, though I still enjoy those to an existent. My favorite genre is psychological thrillers, I love a director can tell a good story and still mess with your mind. This is why my favorite director is Christopher Nolan, I’ve seen all of his movies. I’m the guy my friends turn to for movie trivia, and suggestion on what to see. One of my favorite thing to do is see history through the movies, and figure out what the director is trying to convey through the shots and the way he set up the shot the way he did. Enough of that, that would be at least 3 months of film school and I don’t want to bore you even more.


I was raised with a strong appreciation for music. I mostly get this form my mom; she plays both the piano and guitar. Though my mom would have been thrilled to teach me ether instrument she never pushed it on me. I did pick up the guitar and taught myself, I’ve been playing for three years now. I was in a band named The Plain Black Ties as lead guitarist, but as with most bands the members lost interest and went their separate ways. I like all kind of music but I listen more to Rock and Heavy Metal.


I've always loved to draw, and I tried to copy what I saw in comic books. I’ve always been a big fan of Spider-Man. When I was about twelve one of my neighbors was selling off his comic book collection, so I got my hands on a couple of the original “The Crow” comics form Jams O’barr. This was about the same time the movie came out. I was intrigued by the movie though I had to wait for it to show on T.V. because I wasn’t old enough to see it in the theaters at that time. In high school a girl saw me drawing at lunch we stated talking, one thing lead to another…anyway she introduced me to Spawn and darker comics. I fell in love with Todd McFarlane’s art style and found out he was re-booting “The Crow” comics. I still have the first tree issues in mint condition. On top of that I found out he was a artist on some of the Spider-Man comics. So cute girl + favorite super hero + all around badass puts Todd McFarlane at the top of my list when it comes to comics.


Having slight ADD and Dyslexia makes it hard for me to read, especially allowed, you’ll notice this if you've seen any of our “Cards Against Humanity” videos. I’m not an avid book reader, with that aside the most recent novels I’ve enjoyed are the Hunger Game series. My favorite classics include The Sherlock Holmes series, Alice in Wonderland, The Count of Monte Cristo and although I don’t like the writing style I do like the story, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.


Oh yes I remember the day setting in front of the TV in my underwear watching Saturday morning cartoons (just last week thanks to Netflix). Where do I start with this one. You can never go wrong with classic Loony Tunes if you can find them the band or discontinued ones are the best. If I list all my favorite cartoons the list would be too long for this site, so here are just a few you may know. He-Man, Thunder Cats, TMNT, Scooby Doo, Doug the Nickelodeon over Disney, Rug Rats, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid… The list goes on you get the picture.


At first I was not an anime fan, The only exposure I had to it for the longest time was Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, more kid stuff than anything. Xevabis changed that when he introduced me to Death Note. This quickly became my favorite anime, since then I opened up to more anime, and found more favorites like, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and both of the Full Metal Alchemist series.


Most of my time was spent playing video games and watching movies. Although you do tend to remember and like the shows you grew up with. As a kid I liked the sitcoms to a point, honestly there’s just a handful that I’d still watch today, Home Improvement, Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond. Yes I admit I had a crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar which was the main reason I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It should be no surprise by now that my favorite shows are Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, X-files, CSI and House MD. Murder, mystery, and suspense is what I like.