What is 4kYeah?

4kYeah is an unscripted review site for all forms of entertainment media. Video games to Table Top games, Novels to Comics, Mainstream to Indie movies, music of all types, and anything in between we can find and want to share with you. All reviews are done in real time as to give our most honest opinions.

Who are you guys?

We are, simply put, the target audience for entertainment. The 4 of us are people that like movies, games, music and so forth. We are gamers. We are movie lovers. We are music lovers. We are Multi-Media enthusiasts.

Where are you guys located?

We currently do all our filming in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. You may find us checking out local game shops on occasion.

How do you pronounce the site? I’ve heard you guys say it more than one way.

Officially, it is pronounced ‘fork yeah’. once in a while, one of us slips and pronounces it ‘four kay yeah’. Not sure why, but there it is.

Why don’t you have a rating scale?

We don’t like the idea of putting a number to how good or bad something is. If a game is fun, or a movie is bad, or a book is worth reading, we’ll tell you that. A scale or 1-10, or a grade of A-F, or whatever can greatly vary, depending on too many factors. So we simply tell you our personal opinions on something, and then let you decide if you are interested of not.

Do you have any pirated movies/games/music I can get from you?

No…Not just no, but hell no. Everything reviewed on our site is legitimate, except for arcade emulators, for obvious reasons. All games, movies, CD’s and so forth are either purchased, or viewed on things like Netflix and Hulu. The only time anything will be downloaded and reviewed is if there is literally no other way to purchase them.

Can I send you a review to put on your site?

No, but you are more than welcome to register and leave comments on our reviews.

Why do you guys have nicknames, but don’t call each other by them?

Our alias names are gamer tags, or nicknames we have come to be known by. The only one of us who we regularly call by nickname is Moof. This is because he was introduced to us by that name, and none of us even knew his real name for quite some time.

Are you guys real, or are you playing geek characters?

There are no characters here. When you see us on the site, that is who you’ll see in real life.

Are you professional critics?

Depends on how you look at it. We are 4 friends who met in college, and thought it would be fun to simply put together a website. I suppose if we hit the point where the website is our full time gig, then yes, we will be professionals. For now, we are simply indie reviewers having fun.

Why don’t you update more frequently?

4kYeah is still a relatively young site, and the 4 of us are still holding down jobs to support our families. When the time comes that we can spend more time on our beloved site, you will see more frequent updates.

Why do you have so many Pick Up And Play videos, and not more of anything else?

Why haven’t you reviewed (insert title here) yet?

There are many reasons why we may not have reviewed something. We may not have the title in our collections, it may be on our to-do list, and we just haven’t gotten to it, we may not be able to video capture it...The list goes on. If you want to see a review, send us an email. With some luck, we’ll be able to get it up on the site.